A complete guide to suit lapels

Whether you need to make a head-turning entrance at your own wedding, or dapper up as the best man at your friend’s big day, or are simply bedazzled by the charismatic suits in The Great Gatsby; you need to have the right knowledge of suits to be able to select a remarkable one. Let […]

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Classic fit vs Slim fit suits

In the olden days, tight-fitted suits used to signal whether the wearer hailed from London or Paris, or shopped for his suits there. However, today, slim fit suits have become highly popular and are widely used, as the clothing industry develops a growing taste for perfect fits.

When deciding which type of fit would be […]

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How to Accessorize Your Suit

Wearing suits has been a hallmark of men’s fashion and style for ages. Be it weddings, funerals, graduations, dinners or just a regular day at work, suits never fail to magnify a man’s personality. While a suit is always enough to leave an impression on its own, read on to find out how you […]

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Suit Travel Guide: How to Pack, Transport and Care for Your Suit when Travelling

Travelling in style requires a bit more than just investing in a suit. Whether you are planning to travel to attend a destination wedding, or stepping on to the plane for a round of corporate meetings, make sure you take advantage of this comprehensive suit travel guide to put an end to your dressing […]

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Suit, Jacket and Trouser length – which one is right for me?

A suit is a gentleman’s skin, and to do justice to it, it is important to have a good fit! Read on to find out what a ‘good fit’ actually looks like.
The Trousers

Jacket length

Sleeve length
Loosely fitted and drooping sleeves can never give your suited appearance a crisp and smart look. Take the signal if […]

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The Tuxedo

The history of the Tuxedo
When you put on your tux in the evening for a special occasion, do you ever wonder why you’re wearing it specifically in the evening? Or better yet, why is this suit that makes you look like a penguin considered to be formal? The history might surprise you!

That special occasion

Dress […]

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The Morning Coat

The History of the Morning Coat
When it comes to finding the appropriate attire for an important event, especially during the day, it can be difficult to choose what to wear, especially if you want to look your very best, make an impression, and feel confident. Simplicity is the key, and traditional formal attires have […]

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The Frock Coat

The History of the Frock Coat
The fashion trend emerged in the Victorian and Edwardian era particularly for the men of the royal families. This double-breasted knee-length skirt is also referred to as the Prince Albert, being named after Prince Albert himself, who is thought to be responsible for bringing this new trend into the […]

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Elegance in the White Tie

I’m puttin’ on my top hat, Tyin’ up my white tie, Brushin’ off my tails, I’m dude-in’ up my shirt front, Puttin’ in the shirt studs, Polishin’ my nails, I’m steppin’ out, my dear, To breathe an atmosphere, That simply reeks with class, And I trust that you’ll excuse, My dust when I step […]

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A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Suits: Tying the Knot in Style

When it comes to the wedding day, it is mostly all about the bride and her beautiful white dress. While previously it was only the brides who used to spend weeks and months to prepare for the wedding and choose a dress, the trends have changed and now men are also eager to look […]

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